Stanislav Demidov

As Trainer Stanislav delivers leadership programs for mid-to upper level managers and executives, including open-enrollment and customized programs.

When not having training program, Stanislav is engaged as a businessman, so his understanding of leadership is practical and usable. Stanislav is a co-owner of a business consulting company in Moscow.



Stanislav served at several automotive companies for twenty years, where he held various executive and management positions. His responsibilities and influence extended throughout all areas of the organization including strategic planning and execution, corporate management, product development, technology deployment, and customer and network operations.

Stanislav is a trainer with 3 years of experience. In his private practice Stanislav has worked as a business consultant for many companies in Automotive and Retail Industry in Russia.  His area of training is leadership development, conflict management, and sales. In his consulting practice Stanislav is keen on relations between owners of business and management.


Educational Background

Stanislav has graduated Moscow Linguistic University. His working languages are English, German and Russian.


Professional Affiliations

Stanislav is an active member of Russian Automotive Dealers Association.  He works on different social and charity programs.