• Our company was created in 1993 and its focus was to help organizations develop their Leadership structure.

    Our MISSION is to help companies to be more competitive and better prepared to generate value in our society through the development of their leaders and the alignment of its corporate culture and strategy.

    Our main focus is to work with the companies´ top management to develop their people and leadership skills, aligning their corporate culture (behaviours, symbols and processes) with their business imperative in order to adapt to new demands and to successfully face the challenges of the future.


    We help people grow
    both personally and professionally,
    and help organizations achieve
    their desired business goals.

    Our values are based on the TRUST we create with our customers and our partners, the CONSISTENCY we demonstrate between what we say and what we do, and the commitment to INNOVATION and EXCELLENCE in all of our projects.

    Some of our key beliefs are:

    • People can change.
    • Companies are made of people, so companies can change.
    • Being conscious of not only our strengths, but also our opportunities to improve will allow us to change.

    Our vocation is operating in an international environment, providing service to a range of different sectors and industries, both locally and globally. Our commitment is to add value to and to surpass the expectations of each of our customers.

  • We work with a number of associates who have diverse educational and professional experience, mainly in the fields of Psychology and Human Resources. Each of them has a deep knowledge and understanding of the organizational world.
    Our customers value our professionalism, flexibility and efficient response to demands. They also appreciate our international experience.
  • Corporate culture management

    Corporate Culture is comprised of behaviours, symbols, and organizational processes.
    Culture shapes the way individuals work inside an organization. All too often, whether consciously or not, the accepted behaviours and methods make it difficult to achieve the company’s strategy and, therefore, the corporate goals. Culture should be planned and designed, not determined by default.
    Culture Management Programs are oriented towards the design of a Cultural Plan:  Set the strategic goals, define the elements of the ideal culture, diagnose the current culture and its priorities, identify gaps, and determine the actions required to accomplish culture management.

    A culture change program should be holistic, addressing aspects of all systems, processes, symbols and behaviors.
    At AisGroup and in order to address culture change in such a holistic way, we use the Walking the Talk methodology. Walking the Talk is a highly renowned international corporation that is focused on corporate culture change management.  AisGroup is a certified partner of Walking The Talk.

  • Leadership development

    Leadership is one of the main levers of organizational change. Leadership is contextual and is shaped by the needs of the environment and the company strategy. Effective leadership can drive the organization towards the achievement of their goals and to business success. Leadership can be trained and developed.

    We help companies identify talent and high potential key competencies.

    We follow leaders in their development path, designing programs to increase their capabilities and adjust them to the needs of the business.

    We offer training solutions and executive coaching to help leaders achieve maximum effectiveness.

    We follow a self-awareness process using psychometric and 360º feedback tools to help the leaders be more conscientious about their strengths and areas of opportunities, and to design a personal development plan.

    • Strategic goals

    • Competency model

    • Individual Diagnose

    • Strenghts
      and Areas of opportunity

    • Development plan

    • Follow up
      and Individual support

  • Talent development

    We give support to change programs and develop specific team and individual skills.
    We identify and assess talent in organizations, design individual development plans, and implement training programs adapted to the needs of both the individual and the team.

    All our training programs actively involve participants, giving them the opportunity to apply and practice the ideas to make knowledge transferrable to their professional life. 

    identify and assess
    organizational talent

    design team and individual
    development plans

    implement training

    interpersonal relationship
    and conflict solving

    and influence skills

    work plan
    and organization

    negotiation skills

    change management
    and corporate culture

    train the trainer

    emotional intelligence

    leadership skills

    desarrollo de equipos
    de alto rendimiento

  • Executive

    We design and implement team and individual coaching processes adapted to our customers’ needs:
    – Individual coaching sessions to support and follow up leadership development programs.
    – Leadership coaching to develop specific competencies.
    – Leadership coaching during change and adaptation processes.
    – Leadership coaching to adapt to a new position.
    – Team coaching.

    Coaching is a collaborative process in which the coach and the manager work together to set an action plan, which will allow the manager to achieve high levels of effectiveness in their job.

    We structure the coaching process in the following stages:

    • Identify the context,
      understanding the real world
      in which the manager operate

    • Establish the goals
      and expected results

    • Analyze and diagnose
      the managers’ needs
      and opportunities

    • Identify action

    • Define the Action plan

    • Follow up
      the Action plan

The way we work

Our aim is to help our customers improve their business results through the transformation of their corporate culture and the optimization of their leadership capabilities.
We diagnose the current culture and leadership style, help define the ideal situation and design training and/or coaching programs, implement it and assess results.

The focus of our interventions: Talent, Leadership and Corporate Culture.
Our services are designed to be practical. We actively engage the leaders of the organization and key stakeholders in the change process.
Our projects can be designed and implemented in different languages. We are fluent in English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

  • DIAGNOSEUnderstand our customer
    business environment, and its
    needs and challenges

  • DESIGNProduce a valuable

  • ACTIONImplement
    with excellence

  • ASSESSEvaluate the business
    impact of the program

  • Walking the talk
    Corporate culture
    and organizational change

    We are the only Spanish-speaking certified Walking The Talk partner to use their methodology.

    WTT methodology allows us to make a cultural diagnose, identify gaps between the current culture and the aspirational culture, develop a cultural plan and provide follow-up change initiatives.


    WTT methodology allows us to make a cultural diagnose, identify gaps between the current culture and the aspirational culture, develop a cultural plan and provide follow-up change initiatives.

    See more on

    • Conference
      Carolyn Taylor, Madrid
      October 2013
  • Tools to diagnose

    We hold certifications for the use of different Management Assessment and Psychometric tools.

    We use these tools to diagnose Talent and Leadership skills. We also use this information to design Individual Development Plans.

    These tools are for individual use. But we can also produce team, business units, and department results.

    These figures would conclude on a map of strengths and areas of opportunity for the group.

    • Leadership and self Knowledge


  • Our customers

    Our growth and the quality of our services are supported by our projects’ results.
    Over the last ten years we have delivered projects in numerous countries worldwide and throughout different sectors: financial, technological, industrial, pharmaceutical and healthcare, retail, consumer goods, chemical, automotive, energy and services.

    Our customers vary from large multinational companies to family business organizations.
    We have also delivered curriculum for a number of Business Schools and Universities both national and internationally.

  • Area



    Culture transformation to simplicity

    In 2011-2012, we delivered a project based on cultural management and change, helping our clients to become a less complex organization. We worked with the Management Committee to design a Cultural Plan: starting from making a cultural diagnose, prioritising initiatives to simplify processes for year 1. Aisgroup designed a process for behavioural change towards simplicity, initially working with the Executive Board. We also designed a training program called "Easy being and easy doing." This course addressed four behaviours considered an obstacle to simplicity. A training program for 500 Manager and high-potential professional was deployed. Project was conducted between May and October 2012.



    Mexican ...


    Change Leadership Development

    The company was recently acquired by a European multinational organization and therefore has been immersed in changes, both for people and business management reasons. Some of the changes had been articulated through a cultural change process that began in October/November 2010. Part of this project involved a cultural diagnose (Culture Scan) which measured the alignment of leaders and business practices with organizational values. That diagnose delivered valuable information about their current situation at that moment and where the organization should be. As a result some important gaps were identified. It was also considered as a key action to train the top management in Change Leadership Skills. AisGroup designed a learning path made of 4 modules and delivered them in the country (Mexico). It involved 125 leaders. Training was reinforced with coaching sessions monitoring the action plans of the leaders. Year 2012.



    Empresa multinacional ...


    Change Leadership Development

    AisGroup designed the "Change and Leadership Development Program" which began with the company Executive Board (18 people) and from there it was deployed to managers (40 people) and Section Managers (about 250 people). The challenge was to help from Headquarters to re-build trust in the Spanish affiliate and its industrial plant to obtain the production of new vehicles. This company needed to improve their quality standards, cost and flexibility rates and to help the company become a best place to work. The program has meant a cultural change for our customer, transforming some of the mental models and behaviours that prevented for the improvement and growth of the organization. We designed a program that included: Three training modules, Coaching sessions for senior executives, Action Learning sessions (all participants had to prepare an change plan and be part of it). This has been an extremely successful project which has led to a deep business change and is already producing a big portion of the desired goals: various new vehicles have been assigned to the Spanish affiliate due to KPIs cost, quality and flexibility improvement. 2011 – Present.




    Management Leadership Development

    This project is based on the Leadership model of our customer. Staring from this model, we delivered a Leadership development training program based on self-disclosure including a 360 tool (designed "ad hoc " based on their competency model) and other psychometric tools plus an individual coaching process. This process helps managers implement their own development plan and adapt to the needs of the context: recent acquisitions, global financial crisis, increasing uncertainty, etc. The project began with the 60 top executives, including the Management Committee and expanded to the next level, 300 managers. The program’s main success is to create a management development culture in the organization and to help in the change the role of the manager towards a more coach-leader for their teams. 2009 - Present.




    Talent development: Conversations for Development

    We worked with a company leader in the Energy business in Spain and its subsidiaries in Latin-American countries. AisGroup designed and implemented some training modules focused on developing global leadership capabilities and providing some talent development tools for their teams. This project was designed to train managers in the implementation of several global HR initiatives: talent identification and development within the organization, performance appraisal process and design of individual development plans. The delivery was done locally in Headquarters (Spain) and also in the countries where the customer operates under that name, or with local businesses that are part of the group in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Year 2009.


We would like to be in contact and have the opportunity to explain who we are and what we do in more depth.
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