• Corporate culture management

    Corporate Culture is comprised of behaviours, symbols, and organizational processes.
    Culture shapes the way individuals work inside an organization. All too often, whether consciously or not, the accepted behaviours and methods make it difficult to achieve the company’s strategy and, therefore, the corporate goals. Culture should be planned and designed, not determined by default.
    Culture Management Programs are oriented towards the design of a Cultural Plan:  Set the strategic goals, define the elements of the ideal culture, diagnose the current culture and its priorities, identify gaps, and determine the actions required to accomplish culture management.

    A culture change program should be holistic, addressing aspects of all systems, processes, symbols and behaviors.
    At AisGroup and in order to address culture change in such a holistic way, we use the Walking the Talk methodology. Walking the Talk is a highly renowned international corporation that is focused on corporate culture change management.  AisGroup is a certified partner of Walking The Talk.

  • Leadership development

    Leadership is one of the main levers of organizational change. Leadership is contextual and is shaped by the needs of the environment and the company strategy. Effective leadership can drive the organization towards the achievement of their goals and to business success. Leadership can be trained and developed.

    We help companies identify talent and high potential key competencies.

    We follow leaders in their development path, designing programs to increase their capabilities and adjust them to the needs of the business.

    We offer training solutions and executive coaching to help leaders achieve maximum effectiveness.

    We follow a self-awareness process using psychometric and 360º feedback tools to help the leaders be more conscientious about their strengths and areas of opportunities, and to design a personal development plan.

    • Strategic goals

    • Competency model

    • Individual Diagnose

    • Strenghts
      and Areas of opportunity

    • Development plan

    • Follow up
      and Individual support

  • Talent development

    We give support to change programs and develop specific team and individual skills.
    We identify and assess talent in organizations, design individual development plans, and implement training programs adapted to the needs of both the individual and the team.

    All our training programs actively involve participants, giving them the opportunity to apply and practice the ideas to make knowledge transferrable to their professional life. 

    identify and assess
    organizational talent

    design team and individual
    development plans

    implement training

    interpersonal relationship
    and conflict solving

    and influence skills

    work plan
    and organization

    negotiation skills

    change management
    and corporate culture

    train the trainer

    emotional intelligence

    leadership skills

    desarrollo de equipos
    de alto rendimiento

  • Executive

    We design and implement team and individual coaching processes adapted to our customers’ needs:
    – Individual coaching sessions to support and follow up leadership development programs.
    – Leadership coaching to develop specific competencies.
    – Leadership coaching during change and adaptation processes.
    – Leadership coaching to adapt to a new position.
    – Team coaching.

    Coaching is a collaborative process in which the coach and the manager work together to set an action plan, which will allow the manager to achieve high levels of effectiveness in their job.

    We structure the coaching process in the following stages:

    • Identify the context,
      understanding the real world
      in which the manager operate

    • Establish the goals
      and expected results

    • Analyze and diagnose
      the managers’ needs
      and opportunities

    • Identify action

    • Define the Action plan

    • Follow up
      the Action plan