• Our company was created in 1993 and its focus was to help organizations develop their Leadership structure.

    Our MISSION is to help companies to be more competitive and better prepared to generate value in our society through the development of their leaders and the alignment of its corporate culture and strategy.

    Our main focus is to work with the companies´ top management to develop their people and leadership skills, aligning their corporate culture (behaviours, symbols and processes) with their business imperative in order to adapt to new demands and to successfully face the challenges of the future.


    We help people grow
    both personally and professionally,
    and help organizations achieve
    their desired business goals.

    Our values are based on the TRUST we create with our customers and our partners, the CONSISTENCY we demonstrate between what we say and what we do, and the commitment to INNOVATION and EXCELLENCE in all of our projects.

    Some of our key beliefs are:

    • People can change.
    • Companies are made of people, so companies can change.
    • Being conscious of not only our strengths, but also our opportunities to improve will allow us to change.

    Our vocation is operating in an international environment, providing service to a range of different sectors and industries, both locally and globally. Our commitment is to add value to and to surpass the expectations of each of our customers.

  • We work with a number of associates who have diverse educational and professional experience, mainly in the fields of Psychology and Human Resources. Each of them has a deep knowledge and understanding of the organizational world.
    Our customers value our professionalism, flexibility and efficient response to demands. They also appreciate our international experience.